Project Framework



Game Pillars

An impressive sheep invasion...

• Edinburgh, the city in which sheep and humans have lived together for twenty years, is going to launch their first, long-awaited sheep competition! 

• Open for all, this competition consists of collecting as many sheep as possible in one day. It has already become the star attraction of the Scottish capital! 

• In this game, meet Jane, a grandmother with a strong personality who is accompanied by her pet, Wool. Explore the streets of Edinburgh with your vehicle, collect sheep and confront colorful opponents! a city full of eccentric characters


Gwen is The Merchant, a person known throughout the city for the quality products he sells. Unfortunately, his talent for conning people is stronger for him than the feeling of solidarity.


Coyle is The Bumpkin, she has a very good heart and knows how to help others in their time of need. Her problem? Her terrible, unintelligible accent, which doesn't help her in her daily life!

Jane & Wool

Play as Jane the punk rock grandmother who, accompanied by her dog Wool, will drive around Edinburgh in her sheep truck to capture as many sheep as possible to win the competition.

Sir Eliott

Sir Eliott is The Knight, he grew up mostly with sheep as a child. He considers sheep to be sacred beings that deserve respect from everyone. He will do anything to protect them !

  Narrative Design:

○ Contributing to the development of a Universe Bible
○ Definition of some character archetypes
○ Set up dialogues on a Google Sheet to be able to export them to Unreal Engine.

 Game Design:

○ Design of the Game Concept Document
○ Initial concept and iteration
○ Definition of the 3Cs
○ Thinking about the behavior of transitions between exploration and combat phases                                                            ○ Thinking about the flow of a combat phase 
○ Design of combat-oriented gameplay loops

  Level Design:

○ Thinking about the overall structure of the Exploration map
○ Definition of the level design intentions by selecting visual landmarks representing the city of Edinburgh and different types of sheep patterns that the player might come across in the exploration part.
○ Integration of Level Design intentions in Blocking (place holders) on the Unreal Engine.




• In exploration, the player is free to go wherever he wants as long as it stays within the limits of the map. Since the player controls a vehicle (sheep truck) and we wanted a fairly accessible gameplay, we chose to use only the 4 main buttons of the controller and the different joy sticks to move around and move the camera slightly. 

• We wanted to give the gameplay experience that can be found in the level selector of Overcooked.


• For the combat phase, given that we are offering a tactical experience with a grid, and that the controls are executed with a controller, we found it interesting to implement an Action Wheel system in which the player could easily and quickly perform all sorts of different actions. 

• To avoid miss clicks, we also implemented an action confirmation system and a button to end the turn.



• The main goal in terms of level design was to create an iconic structure to make Edinburgh recognizable. To do this, we had to select important visual landmarks of the city and take inspiration from its narrow street architecture to implement them in our map.

• I was able to contribute to the creation of the overall structure of the map, its distribution in terms of zones and streets and its integration into the Unreal Engine in Blocking (place holders).

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