Project Framework



Game Pillars

An object of daily life...

• In a world that has been ravaged by floods due to an unknown cataclysm, a lost spirit decides to possess an umbrella. 

• Its mission is to travel through the air, crossing from skyscraper to skyscraper, in hopes of discovering their origin and finding the slightest sign of civilization.

...With extraordinary abilities


The umbrella flaps like bird wings and pushes the player higher in the air.​


The player can glide as soon as they are in the air. The umbrella has free horizontal movement but will slowly fall to the ground


 The Dash allows the umbrella to gain a great amount of velocity forward. The umbrella closes and spins very quickly in a forward motion.


The Ground Pound allows a sharp fall on the vertical axis, which will make the character lose altitude.

 Game Design :

○ GCD design
○ Initial concept and iteration
○ Definition of metrics
○ Reflecting the behaviour of different camera states

  Programming :

○ Creating the architecture of the code in relation to the cameras.
○ Implementing a Camera that changes its rotation according to the player's movement (with the left joystick) in "Glide" state with a Lerp.
○ Programming a StateMachine with Enums to switch between different camera states

  Level Design :

○ Created a first version of Sandbox with large Buildings, AirRing and AirCurrent placed.
○ Creation of a FTUE type situation (not kept in the final Sandbox) presenting all the player mechanics and the few bricks assigned to him in a progressive way


• Although this project is very much focused on a rather polished design of the 3Cs, we still thought about a universe that would be coherent with the different abilities of our personified umbrella and conducive to aerial elevation.

• We therefore considered a semi-open world, with hints of surrealism, whose level design would be totally structured around verticality, notably through the use of immense skyscrapers that could also act as landmarks. 

• The Post-apocalyptic style was a proposal to represent the aspect of feeling "alone in the world" in a vast environment and which completely resonates with our emotions of Peacefulness and Freedom.


• To reinforce the Game Pillars of our project and the emotions we wanted to convey, we had to promote a very polished Game Feel when using the character's abilities as well as when changing state. 


• That's why I was able to contribute to the elaboration of the different FX, particles and animations of the character to highlight the signs and feedbacks but also to reinforce the juiciness. 


• Level Design was not necessarily a major component of the main objective sought with this 3C oriented project. Nevertheless, in order to exploit the capacities of our Character in a deep and efficient way and to test the limits of the camera and the different controls, we had to design a map in which our umbrella could interact (Sandbox type).

• I therefore designed (in place holder) some very simple and efficient LD situations oriented FTUE (First Time User Experience) to help the players get used to the different game mechanics and types of controls. 

→ If you want to see the series of steps in the thinking process, click on the  Learn more button below. 


• Without Programmers, the whole project was developed in Blueprint

• I was able to think and set up, by myself, all the code architecture via class and dependency diagrams to have a general overview of the code structure of the project.

• My contribution to the programming of this project was mainly focused on the game cameras. So, I was able to implement the different states of cameras according to the situations in which the character was (Jump, Glide...).

→ If you want to see the series of steps in the thinking process, click on the  Learn more button below.