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Hello, I'm Clément

Welcome to my website!

• I am a final year student of the Master's degree in Game Design at Isart Digital. I am currently working as a Junior Game Designer at Deathscape, an Escape Game company specialised in creating customised experiences for companies or monuments in France.

• It is through my education at Isart Digital but also through my professional experiences that I was able to acquire skills in Game Design, Level Design, UI/UX Design or Narrative Design.

By browsing this website, you will discover all the projects I have created over the past years, as well as some of the design work I have done.

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Walk the streets of Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, which is swallowed up by small balls of wool! Discover a changed city and a funny story with intriguing characters!

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Feel the weightlessness of an Umbrella Floating in strong wind and its cartoons like traversal mechanics, making its cloth act like birds wings.

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