Who am I?

• Since I was very young, I have always been attracted to games in general (board games, trading card games...), and then I discovered video games at the age of 7. I started by playing Adibou, Mario Bros, Pokemon and very quickly my passion for video games intensified, so much so that I had already inquired about the profession of game designer at the age of 12. I soon became interested in all kinds of games on different platforms and finally discovered an interest in mobile gaming.

My Goals

• During my various project designs, I discovered a particular appeal for Level Design and UX Design. That's why I would like to join a dynamic team that aims to offer the best possible gaming experience to its players, and I will give my best also to contribute to that as well.   

I am open to all opportunities so, feel free to contact me!

   ​ ​​     ​​ 


○ Data processing
○ Optimisation, automatisation
○ Pivot Table


Unreal Engine 4

○ Modeling
○ Blueprint (Visual Scripting)
○ 3D Level Design (modular, BSP)



○ Prototyping
○ Bolt (Visual Scripting)
○ Level Design (ProBuilder)


○ Creating presentation documents      ○ Pitching


○ Creating logos
○ Fake screens, mockups


○ Level Design 2D
○ Creating patterns and 
game situations


○ 3D Modeling
○ Rigging
○ Animation


○ UI Wireframes
○ Level Design 2D


○ Flowcharts, IA Behaviour
○ Class diagram
○ Dependency diagram


○ Bug Tracking
○ Planning


○ Producing
○ Sprint Planning, organization

Git / Perforce

○ Versioning